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Do you love spicy chili? Looking for secrets to making the ultimate great chili?

Chili is one of those dishes that sums up comfort food in a single bowl. Just the thought of the warm, spicy dish conjures up memories of chili cook-offs at annual family reunions or a big pot of chili on cold nights with family gathered around.

Chili has also gained international approval in countries around the world, for its simplicity and great taste, making it a favorite of millions. There are, of course, any number of ways to make a pot of chili and each chef’s idea differs from the next. But this book takes another step.

Inside the pages of Winning Chili Recipes, you will discover a whole new range of chili recipes that are amazingly delicious and will have your family wanting more, with recipes like:
Hearty Home-Style Chili
Busy Day Baked Chili
Award Winning Texas Chili
Famous Tailgate Chili
Grilled Steak Chili
Aloha Chili
Garnishes for Chili – Make a Chili Bar!
Secret Ingredients for Chili

All of that and more is covered in Winning Chili Recipes, with new and different recipes that will make chili a meal you can enjoy any day of the week!

You’re sure to find the perfect recipe to satisfy your chili craving in this chili cookbook. There are amazing chili recipes with beans or without and varieties that feature beef, chicken, turkey or just vegetables, and of course you can make it as hot or as mild as you like.

You’ll be surprised to see some ingredients listed. Maple syrup, French onion soup and baker’s chocolate are just a few on the ‘List of 36 Secret Ingredients’ that will make cooking a pot of chili an unending quest for the perfect chili recipe.

If you like chili, then you’ll love this fantastic resource. Winning Chili Recipes is a landmark book with unique recipes and tips that will transform any meal into something special.

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