Get on Amazon Raw Chocolate Revolution: Nutritionist Approved Recipes For Your Healthy Chocolate Fix

Tired of Bland Chocolate That’s Way Too Harsh On Your Waistline?

If so, then it’s time to join the Revolution!

Raw chocolate desserts are lighter and more nuanced in flavor than the mass-produced junk we call “chocolate” these days, and definitely healthier. They’ll leave you feeling lighter (and more satisfied), especially since you made them yourself!

In ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution,’ the Amazon best-seller from certified David Wolfe raw nutritionist (and certified chocolate lover) Salome Torres, and award-winning author Nick Meyer, you’ll discover a whole new way to enjoy this “sacred” food.

Inside ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution’ you’ll find:

-Over 20 hand-crafted recipes including desserts, snacks and more
-A full rundown: Why our ingredients are similar yet way healthier (and tastier!)
-A whole new way to make ice cream- Healthy and dairy-free!
-Versatile chocolate sauces and creams you can use in any dish
-Clickable chapters for scrolling right to your favorite recipes

…And much more!

Discover a whole new way to eat chocolate…Scroll back up and click the Buy button to join the Raw Chocolate Revolution today!

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