Get on Amazon OPEN YOUR WORLD TO SMOOTHIES: 75 Great and Varied Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Health, which Will help You Build the Body of Your Dreams and Achieve your Desired Results

If you are struggling to lose weight, the smoothie diet plan might be your answer! I used the smoothie weight loss program, which gave me great results, and it’s also helped other people to reach their goals.

You might be wondering, why should you trust me with this weight loss program? After giving birth to my child, for a very long time I was looking for the right diet that would help me to save time and deliver great results.

It’s a well-known fact that all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber contained in a smoothie will help you to boost the immune system, improve your metabolism, and detox your body. Smoothies with greens and fruits are universal foods. You should keep it in mind that a smoothie isn’t just a drink, it’s an actual meal.

Any dietician would tell you that you can’t lose weight until you implement healthy eating habits. Healthy smoothies will help you to eat correctly and gain the desired results.

Strict diets can be very harmful to your body and are not for everyone. After such extreme food deprivation, you are more likely to experience a rapid gain of fat, known as the yo-yo effect.

This is one of my smoothie diet books, where I share my recipes, offer different ways to lose weight, and give useful tips.

I believe everything is good in moderation. You can use a smoothie as a meal substitute as well as consuming it instead of a snack. In this book, I also offer a program for fasting days.

You can find many answers to your questions. There are 75 carefully selected recipes here. I believe you can find recipes according to your taste and liking. All recipes are divided into chapters: fat burning smoothies, green smoothies, berry smoothies, fruit and vegetable smoothies. You don’t have to count calories, which ingredients to prepare, how many portions you will have, or how much time it will take to cook. All this information is already included in the recipe book for your convenience.

In this book, you will learn:


  • How to Make Yummy Smoothies
  • Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Determine Fresh Juice and Smoothies Diet Plan
  • 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
  • Smoothie Detox Guide
  • Losing Weight with Smoothies
  • Cook Smoothies for a Health Condition such as Diabetes
  • Do a Smoothie Weight Loss Cleanse
  • Cook Smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss Diets
  • Smoothie Projects with Fruit
  • Healthy Drinks Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss Diets
  • Smoothie Project Bowl Recipe Cookbook for Beginners and Kids
  • Fat Burning Smoothies Recipes
  • Berry Smoothies
  • Fruit Smoothiea
  • Vegetable Smoothies
  • Strawberry Smoothies


Smoothie are my staple food. They’re fast, healthy, delicious, make it easy to control calorie intake, and can be eaten on the go. I firmly believe these healthy smoothie recipes will help you to lose weight, improve health, and live up to your full potential.

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