Get on Amazon The Ultimate Passionate Cookbook Created of Julie and Julia’s Delicious Cuisine: Let’s Enjoy Extraordinary Recipes, Different Flavors, And Tastes and Meet Julie & Julia

Every child dreams of becoming a doctor, scientist, or sports, but Julie always dreamed of becoming Julia Child- one of the most successful women that changed her career and became a Master Chef. This cookbook is based on Julie and Julia’s movie, portraying Julie as a young blogger fascinated by Julia Child. So, she started to write her blog dedicated to Julia and her fabulous recipes and private life.

This cookbook will take you to Paris, where you will meet Julia Child, a middle-aged woman who is bored every day when her husband is at work and has to sit alone or enjoy the beauty of Paris all alone as well.

This cookbook will include all the recipes Julia started preparing due to her boredom and served to her husband; while she started to cook, she found joy, pleasure, and passion.

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