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Adding the right smoothies to your diet can boost your energy, help with weight loss, improve your help, and even improve your outlook on life. We all know we should eat more raw fruits and vegetables. In Smoothies: For Energy, Health and Happiness you will discover over 50 smoothie recipes including Energy Boosting Smoothies, Superfood Smoothies, Memory Booster Smoothies, Cleanse Smoothies, Low Sugar Smoothies, Dairy Free Smoothies, Keto Smoothies, High Protein Smoothies, Smoothies to improve Gout & Arthritis, Happy Dessert Smoothies, and Smoothies according to your blood type.

Here are some health benefits you can experience:

•You can easily incorporate raw fruits and vegetable into your diet in the form of smoothies.
•Add a full range of nutrients like protein, fiber, mineral, calcium, potassium, and healthy fats.
•Improve blood circulation.
•Increase the level of energy and make you more efficient.
•Help reduce craving sweets and eliminate highly processed foods
•Reduce stress and hypertension
•Help in weight loss process
•Cleanse and detoxify the body
•Improve skin condition
•Increase the metabolism
•Aid in the digestion
•Reduce allergies and risk of illnesses

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