Get Cookbook on Amazon North African Cuisine: Recipes of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia

North African Cuisine includes over 50 recipes from Maghreb region that borders on the Mediterranean Sea and comprises the countries of Algerian, Libya, Morocco, an Tunisia. You can delight in spicy stews, tangines and kabobs or the irresistible taste combinations of dishes that include healthy ingredients such as lentils, couscous or potatoes. Using ingredients that are readily available in American markets, the recipes are doable as well as delicious. Of course, one of the keys to authentic African cooking is the use of spice blends and rubs, which elevate simple cooking techniques to an excitingly varied and intense level.

With a sumptuous range of dishes from soups and stews, side dishes, to entrees and desserts, this book is a wonderful introduction to North African cooking.

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