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With its uniquely multicultural, multigenerational, and unapologetically obsessive food culture, the city called the “Big Easy”, or in other words, New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA), has always ranked among the world’s favorite cities for people who love to cook and eat. New Orleans is also known as the Festival Capital of the World, hosting dozens of annual festivals, including the famous Mardi Gras, that showcase the unique food and multicultural heritage of the city. In NOLA CuisineDiscover over 50 classic and new age recipes from the bayou, a mix of creole and cajun cuisine.

  • Eggs Sardou
  • Creamed Oyster Omelet
  • The Sazerac
  • Bourbon Milk Punch
  • Hurricane
  • Vieux Carre
  • Red Beans And Rice
  • Shrimp & Chicken Jambalaya
  • Boudin Stuffed Pork Chops With Creole Mustard And Cane Syrup Glaze
  • Cajun Catfish Courtbouillon
  • Chicken Fricassee
  • Fried Catfish With Hushpuppies & Creole Tartar Sauce
  • Grillades With Baked Cheese Grits
  • Grilled Pork Chops With Southern Peach Salsa
  • Lobster Thermidor
  • Redfish Courtbouillon
  • Shrimp Etouffee
  • Shrimp Po Boy
  • Bananas Foster
  • Beignet
  • Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce
  • King Cake

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