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Food for the Soul provides a feast for the body, mind, and spirit with dozens of recipes – over 50 of them with each recipe inspired by meals and ingredients described in the bible following a Judeo-Christian experience.

Since biblical times, meals have been a significant focal point for family time, prayer, and thanking God for our bounties. Extending hospitality to both friends and strangers was a divine command, and an invitation to dine in one’s home was sacred. The bible is peppered with stories of simple meals to elaborate feasts. If you think about most any religious holiday you celebrate, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, or Passover, or one of many others – food is central to each holiday’s celebration. Jewish families, who celebrate a wide range of holidays, have a common joke related to those celebrations – “we were once oppressed, we overcame them, now let’s eat.”

Food for the Soul looks at dishes and ingredients found in the Scriptures, providing recipes for re-creating some of the dishes enjoyed by the peoples of biblical times.

Table of Contents

Appetizers & Side Dishes
Potato Latkes
Challah Bread
Potato Kugel
Matzah Balls
Biblical Heifer Fondue
Grandma’s Chicken Soup
Pickled Herring
Ezekiel Bread
Stained Glass Jello
Israeli Hummus
Oxtail Soup
Lentil Barley Stew
Olives With Braised Artichoke Hearts
Ktsitsot – Meatball Torpedos

Main Courses
King Solomon Salmon
Holishkes (Stuffed Cabbage)
Kasha Varnishkes
Roasted Lamb Leg
Chicken Maklubah
Apricot With Spicy Lamb Shanks
Blintzes Soufflé
Pot Roast With Wine & Fruit
Pomegranate Brisket With Cranberry Succotash
Za’atar Chicken
Brown Rice With Butternut Squash And Pomegranate
Honey Glazed Chicken And Fig Roast
Spice Rubbed Brisket
Roasted Lamb With Mint Sauce
Lamb Maqluba
Garlic Lamb Chops
Venison Stew

King Cake
Honey Cake
Apple Cake
Pomegranate Cups
Pear Pomegranate Cake
Chocolaty Babka
Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)
Prune And Date Hamantaschen
Honey Nut Cookies
Almond Macaroons
Date Nut Bread

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