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Eat Healthier, Lose Weight, and Increase Energy

10,000 years is not near enough time for evolution to catch up with us, meaning our bodies are still most adept at eating the way we used to eat: meat, vegetables, fruits, and some nuts and seeds.

The goals of The Caveman Diet include:
•Weight Management – A diet high in protein-rich meats and eggs and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables helps stabilize your blood sugar and curb cravings with fewer calories.
•Improve Fitness – Popular among strength-training enthusiasts and high-intensity athletes, the Paleo diet is power-packed with protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that advocates claim maximize performance in the gym.
•Increase Lasting Energy – Sidestepping refined carbohydrates and caffeine avoids the dreaded “afternoon slump” by keeping you energized throughout the day.

Find Recipes such as:
Bacon Pear Pancakes
Spice Paleo Muffins
Deviled Jalapeño Eggs
Stuffed Mushrooms
Beef Berry Stew
Bake Salmon
Curried Coconut Chicken Soup
Pineapple Nut Bars
Pistashio Avocado Ice Cream
Spinach Torte

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