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Many people are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to reduce impacts on global war ing. Many are striving to do better. GoSun believes that there are way too many things in the world these days that really don’t contribute to society or help alleviate the major environmental problems that are threatening the world that we all live in.

So why a solar cooker?

1) It can help people cook without any fossil fuels, charcoal, or wood.

According to the United Nations, one of the largest problems facing the world today is clean cooking. Every day 3 Billion people (40% of the Earth’s population) are still cooking on open fires that consume forests and waste money.

2) Solar cooking produces NO harmful smoke or emissions.

The World Health Organization estimates that 4 million people die prematurely as a result of illness attributable to household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels.

3) GoSun helps prevent CO2 and global warming.

In Paul Hawken’s latest book “Drawdown”, he outlines how getting people off of open cookstoves in developing countries is one of the best things we can do to help slow down global warming. Indeed, solar cookers if used daily can save two metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year per household!

4) Designed to Work.

Using the best solar cooking design amplifies all the above benefits, which is why the GoSun line of products incorporates clever design to provide the most versatile and useful solar ovens.

Product Information:

  • LIMITED EDITION SOLAR COOKER PACKAGE – Contains a GoSun Pro Pack plus tongs, mitts (2), and parchment paper (3-pack). You have everything you need to make full use of it, including a durable padded Carrying Case for secure travel and an extra Cooking Tray for prepping your next dish. GoSun anywhere!
  • BOIL LIQUIDS – With the addition of the GoSun Brew, the Sport now has the ability to boil up to 14 ounces of liquid.
  • EASY AND DELICIOUS – Just load with food and relax, no monitoring required. The stove retains your food’s flavor and nutrition cooking from 360°, like a slow cooker, but faster. Bake, roast, steam and saute, nothing is off limits! When finished cooking, just keep the tray closed to keep your food hot and ready to eat for hours, no Sun required
  • FAST AND RELIABLE – Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight. Light clouds on the radar? No problem! The GoSun Sport is so effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat, that if you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE – Reflectors and base fold into a sturdy 7.5lb clamshell case with carrying handles. Completely submersible and designed for adventure, these stoves can take a beating.

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