Reviews of the Best Sous Vide Devices

Many home cooks might not be familiar with theSous Vide machine. You might have seen them used on TV cooking shows and find them a bit intimidating. The exact opposite is true so put your fears aside and give this amazing way of cooking juicy succulent meals a try. They are really easy to use and produce amazing results with minimal effort and mess. The also greatly reduce your chances of overcooking or drying food out.

You can get sous videovens or immersion sous vide circulators. It is the second one we will be looking at here. For those not familiar with the concept, they work by cooking food that has been vacuum sealed at a constant temperature in hot water. This allows you to set the temperature and duration of cooing to get a perfectly cooked piece of meat, chicken, eggs or other meals.

It is the same technique used by many top chefs and leading restaurants. With an easy to use and relatively inexpensive sous vide, there is no reason you cannot do the same at home. It cooks everything evenly and slowly preserving the goodness, flavors andjuices.

Here are a few that we found that really stood out with many favorable reviews from satisfied customers.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

This is a compactand powerful sous vide that has a sleek finish. It weighs only 1,1 pounds and stands 11 inches tall. At 1100 Watts it is powerful enough for most jobs you might need it for. It is available in white or stainless steel.

Given the small size,it is easy to store yet it works well. It heats up fast so you can get going in no time. It is super easy to use and will cook yourfood to perfection every time. It features a Visual Doneness (TM) facility that will display how well the food is done. This will take the guessworkout of cooking with this device. Even if you have never used one before you can still get succulent perfect results.

ChefSteps have even made this sousvide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready so the device can connect to anAndroid phone or aniPhone for remote monitoring. Cutting edge technology.


  • 1100 watts
  • Ultra-compact
  • Stylish design
  • Fast heating
  • Visual doneness app
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The 800-watt precision sous vide will allow you to cook like a pro first time and every time. It is perfect for meat, vegetables and many other meals.

It is easy to use and even has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can set the temperature precisely for perfectly cooked meals every time with minimal effort. Simply set it up and leave it to do its thing. The timer will take care of the rest.

The Anova Sous Vide will connect to any pot or cooker.  You can control it remotely or simply set the temperature and timer and leave it to cook. It comes with a one-year warranty. It takes no skill to operate and comes with a comprehensive set of more than 1000 recipes. They will guide you through the process from start to finish.

It is easy to clean and the stainless steel disks and skirt are dishwasher safe.

If you want the meat or other ingredients crispy, simply sear them in a hot skillet when ready.


  • 800-watts
  • Good temperature control
  • Bluetooth and Wei-Fi enabled
  • Accurate timer
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks consistently


CISNOSous Vide Cooker Precise Immersion Circulator

This reasonablypriced sous vide is very highly rated and has a lot going for it. It is super powerful at 1000W and gets up to optimal heat quickly. It is also extremely quiet. It has a convenient touch LED screen and is easy to operate.

Although it lacks hi-tech functionality like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it functions perfectly well and at a fraction of the price. It is reliable and dependable and does exactly what it needs to in order to cook your food to perfection. While these features are handy, they are not essential to good sous vide cooking.

The touchscreenLED allows you to set the temperature and cooking time accurately in order to get the desired results. It cooks accurately and if set correctly, you cannot over or undercook the food.

  • Fast heat time
  • 100-Watts
  • TouchscreenLED
  • Silent operation

Final thoughts

If you have never tried this style of cooking you are missing out. While it is popular in restaurants there is no reason it cannot be done at home. It is probably the best way to get your food cooked to perfection without losing any ofthe natural goodness or juices. It might take a bit of experimenting at first but there are plenty of instructions available.

Before long you will be cooking succulent food that is cooked to perfection with minimal time and effort.

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