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Discover the wonder of food in Massachusetts… one delicious dish at a time.

Massachusetts cooking is incredibly unique! From clam chowder to baked beans, from lobster roles to cream pie, the mix of ingredients, create incredible and fabulous meals. Because of its proximity to the Atlantic ocean, fish has a great influence on the status cuisine and the basis of some of the recipes goes back to the discovery of America.

Try all 31 great recipes that best represent this great state.

Table of Contents

Appetizers, Breads & Snacks

1. Boston Baked Brown Bread
2. Corn And Honey Muffin
3. Cinnamon Vanilla And Cranberry Bread
4. Hot Pepper Steak Sandwich
5. Massachusetts Style Cheessy Pesto
6. Corn Succotash With Tomatoes

Soups, Stews Or Broths

7. Butter Lobster Meat Bisque
8. Bostonclams Chowder
9. Boston Baked Beans
10. Kale Soup
11. Beef And Vegetable Soup

Protein & Poultry

12. Pork & Apples
13. Cheese And Lamb Pie
14. Steak Beef
15. Pork With Onions & Apple
16. Beef And Vegetables
17. Classic Baked Turkey With Fruit Stuffing
18. Chinese Noodles Sandwich
19. Classic American Chopsuey With Beef


20. Bacon Wrapped Scallops
21. Cod With Potatos And Chorizo
22. Steam Clams
23. Classic Lobster Roll
24. Tastey Fish And Chips
25. Barley Risotto

Desserts & Drinks

26. Classic Fresh Fruits With Oats Toppings
27. Cool Gin Vodka
28. Cranberry Pastry
29. Boston Style Pie
30. Cranberry Cape Codder
31. Cinnamon Apple Pie

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