Get on Amazon Monday to Friday Date Night Recipes: Simply Delicious Everyday Dishes for Two

When you live with your significant other, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is… It’s always a dinner date! However, it doesn’t mean it’s always a fancy dinner date. Who has time for that every day when you’re caught up with chores and work? Instead, we’ve redefined the concept of “date-night” and transformed it into something so casual it’s almost effortless. You won’t really have to do anything different whatsoever, the food speaks for itself! Oh, did we mention you get bonus points if you prep the night before?

With Monday to Friday Date Night Recipes, we want to teach you that it’s okay to live a real life. You know, one where living with your partner doesn’t involve fancy dinners every night. We’re making pijama-friendly and no-energy dinners a thing from now on! They’re quick, simple, and delicious. Most importantly, they give you a chance to bond over dinner and not argue over the dirty dishes on the counter. With 33 recipes to choose from, what are you waiting for to turn your weeknight menu around?

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