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Middle Eastern food is a cuisine of refined art that is influenced by many cultures. The spicy dishes indicate that the Middle Eastern region could have been a source or way station for how certain spices arrived into Europe from Asia. The staples of Middle Eastern food include lamb, rice and various legumes such as lentils and chickpeas. There also are lots of salads from fresh seasonable vegetables and pickled or cooked vegetables, as well as various fruits.

Table of Contents: Middle Eastern Recipes

Fresh Vegetable Recipes

1. Tunisian Stuffed Tomatoes
2. Vegetarian Kibbeh
3. Arabian Island
4. Cyprus Stuffed Bun
5. Flat Bread
6. Wheat and Herb Magic
7. Persian Dinner Salad
8. Healthy Baba
9. Veggie Curried Hummus
10. Chickpea with Fresh Veggies

Chicken and Turkey Recipes

11. Chicken Wings – Middle Eastern Style
12. Kabab of Chicken
13. Special Chicken Roast
14. Turkish Bowl
15. Palestinian Chicken with Onions
16. Heavenly Rice
17. Saudi Chicken Pie
18. Turkey Porridge
19. Orange and Honey Chicken
20. Chicken Breast Piece Spicy
21. Chicken Bar-B-Q Kabab

Beef and Lamb Recipes

22. Spicy Beef of the Deserts
23. Beef Beef Shawarma Wrap
24. Grilled Mild Eastern Lamb
25. Beef Balls
26. Lamb with White Middle Eastern Sauce
27. Spicy Lamb from the Arab
28. Beef Spinach Healthy Delight
29. Ground Meat with Mild Eastern Aroma
30. Lamb Steak
31. Poached Quince Lamb Meat

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