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Fine seafood restaurants are not the only place to have delicious lobster. You can cook lobster very easily in your own home. There are several ways to cook lobster such steaming, broiling and even baking. Lobster, long considered the definition of luxury eating.

Table of Contents: Lobster Recipes

Appetizers & Sides
1) Lobster Foot-longs
2) Olive & Lobster Salad
3) Lobster Sandwiches
4) Lobster Wontons
5) Lobster mini burgers
6) Tacos with Lobster
7) Artichoke & Lobster Dip
8) Brandy flavored Lobster Bowls
9) Lobster Croutons
2. Soups & Stock
10) Lobster Soup
11) Lobster Chowder
12) Lobster Stew with Vegetables
13) Lobster & Shallot Stock

Light Meals
14) Lobster Pizza
15) Lobster & Tomato Pasta
16) Shrimp & Lobster on Noodles
17) Macaroni & Cheese with Lobster
18) Lobster Omelette with Sour Cream
19) Baked Potatoes stuffed with Lobster

Full Meals
20) Smoked Lobster
21) Lobster Potpie
22) Chilli & Cilantro flavored Lobster
23) Poached Lobster
24) Spicy Grilled Lobster Tails
25) Steamed Lobster
26) Lobster with Black Beans
27) Lobster cooked in Lemon Butter
28) Lobster Curry with Pineapples
29) Buttery boiled Lobster
30) Lobster Ravioli
31) Basic Roasted Lobster

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