Get on Amazon Easy Rotisserie Chicken Meals: 50 recipes for shredded chicken

I can’t seem to say no to a rotisserie chicken when I’m grocery shopping. Is it the aroma of
fresh baked chicken or the ease it brings knowing I’ll be able to throw something together with it? No matter what, one always seems to make it home with me. I shred the chicken off the bones and use the chicken in any of the recipes included here or place the meat in a ziploc bag and save it for a future meal.

I’ve put these easy rotisserie chicken recipes together to help the busy person who is rushing to get dinner together . This recipe book is also good for a parent who is wanting to teach their kids or teens to cook simple healthy meals.

I’m not including the obvious meal of serving the whole roast chicken itself with a side dish in this book. You’ll find 50 of my favorite recipes for shredded chicken including:

Main Chicken Dishes
Chicken Salads
Chicken Casseroles
Chicken with Pasta or Rice
Chicken Soup Recipes

I like the convenience of buying a rotisserie chicken in our grocery store and sadly it is actually cheaper for me to buy one instead of afresh roast chicken and cook it myself. However, I’ve included one of my favorite roast chicken recipes if you’d like to buy your own roast chicken, bake it and shred it.

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