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If you are not using a coffee grinder you are missing half the experience and a whole lot of flavor. They are affordable and easy to use, there is no reason not to have one. Just make sure you get a decent one.

Coffee is not only an enjoyable beverage it is a whole ritual. For the full experience, nothing beats the sounds and aroma from freshly ground coffee beans. It just adds to the enjoyment and fresh beans definitely deliver a superior flavor.

We did our homework and looked at all the top coffee grinders available. After considering the options carefully, we narrowed it down to the top 4. Here they are:

Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder Mill

The Mueller HyperGrind will give you perfectly ground beans every time. It works perfectly on all types of coffee beans and equally well on seeds, nuts, herbs and spices.

It is German designed and engineered to exacting standards and is a durable reliable grinder. Not only does it function perfectly but it looks great too. It has a compact and stylish design. It is good enough to leave out but small enough to pack away if you want to. The grinding process is fast, easy and will not make a mess. The grinder itself is easy to clean.

Baiyea Manual Coffee Grinder

Proving that grinders can still work perfectly well without electricity, the Baiyea Manual Grinder is a popular choice. It takes very little effort to grind coffee beans or herbs and spices. You can select how coarse you want the Biyea to grind by a simple adjustment.

The grinder looks impressive in a brushed stainless-steel housing and it is extremely durable. The burr is conical and made of ceramic for added strength. It also comes with a spare burr so you will certainly get many years use out of this grinder.

It is compact, lightweight and even portable. Operation is easy and hassle-free. Another benefit is that it makes very little noise compared to most coffee grinders. Cleaning is easy and you even get a free brush to get into the tight spots.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

This good looking grinder is the perfect choice if you are looking for something portable but efficient. It gives you a choice of 18 settings to get the ideal coarseness you are after. It is effortless to use and there is no need to hassle with cords or batteries. It is also relatively silent so if you need to grind early in the morning or at the office, the JavaPresse is ideal.

This grinder is outstanding value for money and is a much-loved top-seller. If you are wanting a silent durable coffee grinder, this is a great choice. In terms of value for money, it is hard to beat.

Krups F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades

Far and away one of the most loved and best-selling coffee grinders come from Krups. The feedback on this coffee grinder was extremely positive and customers simply love it. The best part is the amazingly low price.

This coffee grinder is fast and efficient. It will grind your coffee beans to the desired coarseness in under 10 seconds. It has a generous capacity and can grind enough for 12 cups in one go. The stainless-steel blade ensures efficiency, consistency and speed. Apart from coffee beans it can happily grind herbs and spices, nuts, grains and much more. The lid will shut the machine off if opened during operation making it safe to use. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Aicok Coffee Grinder Electric Fast and Fine Fineness Coffee Blade Grinder

Aicok also makes a really fast powerful coffee grinder that is very popular. It features double stainless-steel blades and gets the beans to a perfect consistency. It is particularly good if you want really finely ground coffee. The 200 Watt motor gives it plenty of power making it fast and easy.

The steel grinding cup comes out so that it is easy to get to the freshly ground coffee. The machine looks amazing and is solidly built. It is a durable and reliable coffee grinder. The capacity is good and it will grind 60-grams or 12 cups worth of beans at a time.

Operation is effortless and the texture setting is easy to work.

Final thoughts on the Best Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are useful for many things other than coffee beans. They can also grind nuts, herbs, spices and a number of other ingredients. It takes all the hassle out of preparing freshly ground ingredients.

Given the ease of use and price of this coffee grinder, there is no reason to buy ground coffee. The flavor and aroma are infinitely better with freshly ground coffee beans and it will enhance your coffee experience. For restaurant quality coffee at home or at work, a coffee grinder is the answer. Coffee has never been this good.

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