Get on Amazon Beginner’s Guide to Making Kombucha: Learn Tips and Tricks to Brewing Kombucha at Home Plus More than 50 Recipes to Try

Save money and learn how to brew Kombucha at home. Learn about the history, production steps, and safety precautions to creating your first high-quality Kombucha tea. This guide includes the methods involved in fermentation and brewing, how to safely make the beverage at home, what the tea benefits are, its history and starter kit details. This healthier alternative to soda is a fizzy drink full of probiotics and naturally occurring acids that provide various health and wellness support such as detoxification and energy. It is usually carbonated, has a distinctive vinegary but sweet quality, and comes in many different flavors. In addition to learning many tips and tricks in brewing, discover over 50 recipes for creative flavorings and uses of Kombucha.

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