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Cooking with Beer is a sure way to add flavor to any dish! Impress your friends and family at parties with your fun and creative recipes.The alcohol in beer evaporates when cooked, enhancing the flavor of the food and makes it more sweet or acidic depending on the dish.

Table of Contents: Beer Cooking

1. Snacks
1) Beer raised Bread
2) Beer coated fried Veggies
3) French Toast soaked in Beer
4) Beer brined Fish Tacos
5) Pizza made with Beer
6) Onion rings cooked with Beer Batter
7) Fried Beer Pockets
8) Beans & Beer Burgers
9) Beer Fajitas

2. Meals
10) Risotto with Beer & Mushrooms
11) Beef Brisket with Beer Sauce
12) Beef cooked in Beer
13) Coconut flavored Shrimp cooked in Beer
14) Lamb Leg cooked with Beer, Honey & Thyme
15) Grilled Pork marinated in Beer
16) Cheese, Veggies & Beer Soup
17) Chicken cooked in Tomato & Beer
18) Steamed Mussels in Beer
19) Grilled Chicken marinated in Beer
20) Grilled Sausages marinated in Beer

3. Side-dishes
21) Beer & Garlic Pesto
22) Beer & Orange Vinaigrette
23) Baked Cheese & Beer Dip
24) Spinach & Bacon Beer Dip
25) Beer BBQ Sauce

4. Desserts
26) Sweet Beer Pretzels
27) Beer & Apricot Frozen Custard
28) Beer & Vanilla Cake
29) Beer raised Pancakes
30) Beer & Chocolate Cheesecake
31) Beer & Caramel Soft Candies

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