Get on Amazon AIP Wellness Diet Cookbook: Simple Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for Health & Happiness

Autoimmune diseases cause the immune system to attack healthy cells in your body. Learn how the autoimmune protocol diet, or AIP diet, focuses on healing the gut by eliminating foods that cause inflammation to reduce symptoms in those with an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases can cause damage to the lining of the small intestines, resulting in increased intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut.” This allows food and waste products to enter the bloodstream, resulting in inflammation. The AIP diet is similar to the Paleo diet plan, as it restricts many of the same foods, such as grains and legumes. It is more restrictive than the Paleo diet, however, and does not allow many of the foods that are commonly consumed on the Paleo diet.

In the AIP Wellness Diet Cookbook, you will also discover more than 50 glorious recipes that can change your life and heal your gut. You will find recipes for beverages, breakfast, appetizers, soups, main courses and even desserts that will lead you to greater health and happiness.

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