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Enjoy the cultures of Ethiopia through its food. Characteristic of this cuisine is that it often consistes of very spicy meat dishes and vegetables. Because most of the time Ethiopians eat dishes with their right hands, to help pick up food, dishes ar typically served with injera which is a very large sourdough flatbread. In this recipe book, discover the traditional dishes and flavors of Ethiopia.

Table of Contents: Ethiopian Cuisine

Breakfast Menu
1. Genfo (Porridge)
2. Inqualal Tibs (Scrambled Eggs)
3. Ful Medames (Breakfast Stew)
4. Misir Alicha (Lentils)
5. Beef Tibs (Meat & Vegetables)
6. Kita (Herb Bread)
7. Firfir
8. Shahee (Tea)
9. Kinche (Hot Cereal)
10. Fetira (Pancake Pastry)
11. Ingudai Tibs (Mushroom Saute)
12. Yekik Alicha (Split Peas)
13. Chechebsa (Spiced Bread)
14. Defo Dabo (Traditional Bread)

Main Course
1. Hot and Spicy Chicken
2. Ethiopian Collard Green and Meat Stew
3. Ethiopian Chicken Stew
4. Ethiopian Stew (Alicha)
5. Chicken Berebere
6. Ethiopian Chicken Doro Wat (Stew)
7. Kai Wot (Beef Stew)
8. Ymser Wot (Spicy Lentils)
9. Zigni (Beef Stew)
10. Yetakelt W’et (Spicy Vege Stew)
11. Steaks
12. Ethiopian Beef Jerky & Split Lentils Stew
13. Beef Steak Tartar – Ethiopian (Kitfo)
14. Ethiopian Chicken (Wot)
15. Grounded Beef Stew (Minchet-Abesh Alicha)
16. Ethiopian Mashed Potatoes

Side Dishes
1. Warm Cabbage and Green Beans
2. Ethiopian Chickpea Wat
3. Ethiopian Potato Salad
4. Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Red Lentils)
5. Yataklete Kilkil (Vegetable Stew)
6. Lentil Salad (Yemiser Selatta)
7. Green Beans
8. Beef Stewed in Red Pepper Paste
9. Eggplant Salad
10. West African Barbecue Sauce
11. Atar Allecha (Split Pea Stew)

1. Kashata (Peanut Candy)
2. Ethiopian Fruit Salad
3. Ethiopian Truffle
4. Griddle Cakes
5. Injera Bread Pudding
6. Coffee Ice Cream
7. Sheer Korma (Pudding)
8. Aloe Vera and White Fungus Dessert
9. Caramelized Roasted Pears

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